French Lawyer and Solicitor. French Lawyer admitted in Paris, California and New York

In many situations, the client whether individual or company needs to secure legally its various daily operations. However, it cannot accomplish this mission alone insofar as it does not have the necessary skills. Recourse to a competent attorney as Pierre Hourcade is a healthy option.

Admitted to the bars of California, New York and Paris, he is able to provide useful advice to clients.

The court proceedings are an opportunity for the conflicting parties to present their arguments that base their claims or positions. This is to use the facts, the law or even evidence to defend his position. The lawyer is best equipped in this exercise to the extent that the argument is the essence of his art. Depending on the nature of the case or the degree of jurisdiction, it will how to better defend the rights of his client. Thus, the task of representation in court, a lawyer as Pierre Hourcade fills competently. For him, defend the client is a mission that must be filled with all the seriousness and rigor required.

Our French lawyer team is fully bilingual and benefits from its dual background to serve an Anglo-Saxon clientele worldwide. A French lawyer will answer your questions about French, American or international matters, whatever their scope, in a quick and responsive way.

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Pierre Hourcade, French Lawyer and Attorney, Avocat International


Pierre Hourcade, French Lawyer and French Avocat in Paris, Los Angeles, New York and Miami

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